Bookish elves


New print: Bookish elves 📚



A limited edition 3-colour risograph print (Bright Red, Yellow & Blue) on A5 170gsm Munken Lynx Rough paper.

Now available in my shop here.

I’ve created a new website for my illustration work – please take a look here:

At present you’ll find my updated portfolio and some other information there. I have plans to add a shop section later this year, where I’ll be selling various brand new comics and prints that I’m working on.

Here are a few characters I drew as part of a series to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death:

Also, you’ll notice I’ve rather neglected this WordPress blog lately. The best place to get regular updates from me, including work-in-progress, things that inspire me and other interesting odds and ends, is my Tumblr site here:

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Ashmolean hero


Explore-Protect-SaveHere are a few of the illustrations I’ve created for the forthcoming Heroes and Villains LiveFriday event at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

Ashley here is a heroine inspired by some of the incredible women from archaeological history. She lives her adventurous life by the watchwords ‘Explore! Protect! Save!’ which I’ve tried to capture in the comic strip.

Minoan-jugAs the Aegean gallery, full of Sir Arthur Evans’ wonderful discoveries, has long been one of my favourite corners of the museum, I enjoyed drawing Ashley examining some approximation of a Minoan jug here too.

The event is on Friday 29th January from 7pm. You can find out more about the evening, which promises a host of performances, talks, workshops and more, and purchase your tickets here. Perhaps I’ll see you there!

I’ve contributed to The Infinite Corpse, an ever-expanding collaborative webcomic about a skeleton named Corpsey. My panels follow Sammy Harkham’s – take a look here.

This project is a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow even more tangled and strange as more people join in. There’s no beginning or end, just dive in and enjoy getting lost in it – you’ll discover lots of brilliant artists too.

Tombstone Island by Simon Reid, April 2013

You can read the complete comic as one continuous scrolling page here.

The Minotaur Meanwhile by Simon Reid, October 2012

You can read this comic as one continuous scrolling page here.