launched in the UK last Monday, offering an easy way to buy any book whilst supporting and promoting indie bookshops – who don’t have to fulfil the orders, but do get a healthy chunk of the profits. I’ve now received my first bunch o’ books, and can highly recommend the service. Buying directly from your local shop remains the best way to keep them going, but there really is no excuse to resort to Amazon now, if there ever was.

In under two weeks the site has raised a whopping £125,000 for local bookshops. It’s great to see the UK books community embracing it, especially during a time when it’s not possible to browse a physical shop here, yet we’re all keen to stock up on winter reading.

One clever feature of the site is the option for authors, bloggers, book clubs, or anyone else to set up an affiliate page and put together lists of recommended titles – then get a little commission when people purchase books whilst browsing their ‘shop’.

I do love a list, so have wasting no time in getting set up and putting these together:

More lists to come, no doubt.

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