The park

A lot of people have been grateful for whatever green space they have in their neighbourhood this year. Watching my son toddle around in the open air, I’m one of them. Since the first lockdown, he has gone from taking his very first steps across his bedroom to exploring the little crescent-shaped Victorian park around the corner. He does so with a kind of boundless glee that only needs to be reined in when he’s about to trip into a patch of nettles.

A selection of the activities that have kept us busy:

One of my very best squirrel photos
  • bushwhacking new paths between the holly trees
  • collecting the most orange of the autumn leaves
  • chuckling at the giddy dogs (or ‘degs’ as he calls them) chasing each other in ever-increasing circles, or hopelessly pursuing squirrels up cypress trees
  • picnicking under the giant redwood
  • squirrel-spotting
  • splashing in muddy puddles

Some of the most precious half-hours of 2020!

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